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Chinese New Year Bundle Special

Chinese New Year Bundle Special

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with our exclusive bundle special price! 🎉🧧

For a limited time only, seize the opportunity to acquire this enticing bundle at the exclusive price of just $16.80~!

Each bundle set comprises 1 x Catafish and 1 x CataAngBao, with a total value of $19; designs will be selected at random for an element of delightful surprise!

Available only while stocks last!

✾ Default handmade fish toy consist of Catnip & Silvervine, PP filling and a bell.
✾ Default handmade AngBao toy consist of Catnip & Silvervine and PP filling.

🐟 Care Instruction for our Cata-Series catnip toys


To note: Scientific studies has shown that 50-70% of cats react to Silvervine and Catnip, hence your cat may/ may not react to the above-mentioned contents. Kittens up to 6 months-old may not react to catnip as they have yet to develop the reactionary responses to it.


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