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Jumbo CataFish - J Seigaiha Dark Red

Jumbo CataFish - J Seigaiha Dark Red

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Catnip with silvervine
Silvervine only
Catnip with valerian root
Catnip with mint

Crinkle ball

✾ Now bigger size~! 10cm x 30cm~! 

In CataFish, we hand made catnip and silvervine toy, designed to provide cats with stimulating experience. Our unique blend of natural organic catnip and silvervine not only guarantees hours of enjoyable playtime but also strengthen the bonding with you. 

✾ Default handmade fish toy consist of Catnip & Silvervine, PP filling and a bell.

🐟 Care Instruction for our Cata-Series catnip toys

To note: Scientific studies has shown that 50-70% of cats react to Silvervine and Catnip, hence your cat may/ may not react to the above-mentioned contents. Kittens up to 6 months-old may not react to catnip as they have yet to develop the reactionary responses to it.


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